Do men truly love once?

They say that men and women act different, love different and have different reactions to how they feel. I believe that a man will only truly love once, after that, he'll never love like that again and that he'll always ONLY be in love with just that one....that he will take that love to the... Continue Reading →

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She matters.

As I write this I'm feeling a lot of things from being scared to feeling weird,disturbed and probably wouldn't sleep till tomorrow. Mind you it's very early in the morning and here's why. Earlier this evening I was casually just scrowling down my insta story feed when I came across Janet mbuguas post. She posted... Continue Reading →


How many of us have always said they want to change the world???...I know I am one of them. The many times we would walk down the streets and say to ourselves how I wish I had the ability to help that young boy go to school instead of doing rounds in town asking for... Continue Reading →

Don’t be the idiot.

In 2018 you have absolutely no excuse to be an idiot because we have so much info at our fingertips that not knowing certain things is just not an excuse....Cz you just chose to be an idiot.. Sounds harsh right but it's true. We are at a century where information is very much available from... Continue Reading →

The takers.

Hello loves.....hope 2018 is being nice to you guys. If not do not fuss about it you still have eleven more months to turn things around but whose counting anyways haha. So lets talk about takers!!!! I thought I was the only one who got bothered by takers but it turns out I am not.... Continue Reading →


Hello loves. Well 2017 is just a few days away from being  over , I can't believe how fast this year has been and at the same time it has had a lot of eventful happenings both Good and bad . And here we are the last month if the year and we thank The... Continue Reading →

Millenials are not all that bad.

Hey guys, the last part is here so we can finally conclude this millenials issue so shall we? Being a millenial and having almost 90% of my friends as one I have observed one thing. Despite us being called the Me generation when asked what we value most or what we look forward to, most of... Continue Reading →

Thé Millenials.

Hello my people😊😊.  I'm sure you're all wondering what millenials are well they are a generation of people born between the 1980s and early 2000s which is before generation x , who were before the baby boomers who in turn came before the silent generation. They are also called generation Y or the Me generation.This... Continue Reading →

What is your why.

Hello loves, happy New month 😊😊😊 Well I'm here once more I'm pretty sure you guys are used to my inconsistency but don't worry I will work on that. It's only two months to the end of the year mmmhhh .....I can't believe how fast this year has gone I'm still taking it all in.... Continue Reading →

knowing more of yourself.

Hello loves! I know its been a while I have no excuses whatsoever for my inconsistency but here I am once again its not easy trying to sleep at 3.00a.m with a mind full of thoughts. I have been asked couple of times by the gloriousglitch fam about a good read….well I am not sure... Continue Reading →

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