Appreciate each year’s growth!

​Hey loves, I know its been long but here I am once again. The year is almost  ending ….i know …soo fast right were getting old which is soo sad😔 . Well I do not know what each of you has been through this year but either way something happened and will still happen…. a lot can happen in three weeks you know. This year has taught me a lot of things some I cant even remember to account for but I am grateful for all. The most important thing this year taught me is that I need God in my life more than ever. Getting to where we all are is not by our might,right or desire , its by God’s favor and grace upon our lives.

 We have gone through  a lot this year , we have had  good times, bad times, moments we wish to forget and memories we cherish. As this year went by we discovered more about our purpose in this life, I am still understanding mine too, but what I know is that as we live each day, interact with people day by day whether at work ,in school, on the streets , in church ..they one way or another help us get to our purpose in this life. Everyone positioned in your life has a purpose and as they help  you so are you helping them in their life journey , no one is an island. I for one  thank every one that came to my life, those angels sent to help me during trying times you are trully appreciated,those friends and who stayed I pray you do so next year too and the years to come as for those who left I believe it was best.  Every new year comes with growth of some certain degree….embrace it.

This years some of us have gone through storms that made us loose hope ,lost faith, lost loved ones, lost opportunities, and even given up at some point , but God led us through it all He cant give you what you cant handle the storm will pass and God will be there with you through it all… next year would be a better one love. Life can never be easy , someone has to say No to you so you can learn to be independent,you need storms and enemies to succeed and enjoy your Success ,you need to be intimidated to be  courageous, people sometimes need to mock you so you can run to God, people need to disappoint you so that you can trust God alone, you need a cruel landlord so that you can learn not to be comfortable in someone else’s house and even build your own, you need to loose some people in your life to appreciate those you have , you need  to go though rough times to appreciate the good times.

 Most sometimes we are very disappointed we feel very bad and tend to remain in that spot not knowing that the end point of disappointment is the beginning of accomplishment, love , whatever you have gone through this year is just a stepping stone to something greater, make the new year a new beginning , leave the baggage behind do not carry them forward because if they did not help you this year then next year will not be any different. Next year learn to compromise but not be taken for granted,learn to take what is yours and let go what isn’t, learn to wear your accomplishments with pride,learn to trust but not be deceived,know your worth and that of others, learn to love but not be used learn to appreciate the only important curve you have which is your smile, next year love life,give people second chances, be optimistic and wear   that flawsomeness and Godfidence with the pride it deserves.

A collegue once told me , as people will be out there celebrating and counting seconds to the new year… love take a knee thank the Almighty for the blessings and write down what you want,what you need , trust me next year you will do nothing but witness those needs fulfilled… I am so trying that this year I hope you do too. 😊😊

May you have a merry merry Christmas and a blessed new year loves !

From my ♥ to yours☺☺☺


.Time to Kinky Up


Afrokinky? or Fluffykinky??

Kinky styles are one of my favorite hairstyles of all time,they keep popping up everywhere.Kinky styles have no respect of age ,your daughter can rock it as good as her grandmother….???.Be it afrokinky or fluffykinky it serves and saves you money…

Just as women need to understand that ,there will always be a main bitch,side bitch or first bitch,they should understand that kinky styles are here to stay..They were here,are here and will be here in the vision 2030….

It is amazing how kinky styles can be so forgiving……Maroon,blonde,black or your favorite colour they all work perfectly….

Here are fantastic ways to kinky up?

1.Afrokinky Curls….

#blonde no.27

#black and dark brown no.1 and 33

2.Straight afrokinky…

#black no.1

3.Fluffy kinky…



It’s finally time to kinky up because you deserve good hair every f***ing day ladies…



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Dear future best friend.

I know I’m probably too young to think  about a future best friend  (hubby) but I don’t want to overburden God with prayers about you at the rush our age 😂😂so I better say my peace now. A glimpse of a life with you is  what I hold on to when I’m lonely or sad I hold on to that last thread of hope. I decided to write so that wherever you are you’ll find all my quotes, words, read them all and know they’re all about you. You maybe two months away, fifty years away ,even already here but I’m too blind to see or possibly never happening but I’ll write anyway. 

First I’ll have to say I’m sorry for giving my heart away too many times you maybe receiving me a little bruised and bent. There are many bridges I’ve had to build others burn before I get to you so just bear with me. I’m sorry for being impatient, I know you’re not perfect the only list I made is for you to be more in love with Jesus than with me…with that He will teach you to love me perfectly though Perfection is not my forte , I don’t need you to be Michael Xavier sinfully s*xy ,or Kevin hart  funny but we must always keep humour in our lives be our crazy goofy selves  with each other I believe humor is in our DNA  😂😂. 

Just to let you know your future best friend is a hopeless romantic, these Disney movies we grew up watching spoilt us , and again my name keeps ringing romeo in everyones lips  but none actually owns the name, makes me wonder when did parents stop calling their kids romeo and why  😂😂. I pray to God for your divine protection,health and abundance. You might not be the next donald trump but I believe in humble beginnings and we’ll get there or somewhere,So take your time I have your back …. yes we will be balling hard which is totally heavenly because earth is ours to inherit. I’m not for the soap opera kind of love, I am for a home in the suburb’s, highland hikes perfect for hoodies, bonfires and lip singing ,acoustics and guitars in the wild . 

You can have as much alcohol as you want but don’t make it a part of you like morning shower, or late night coffee …please for my sake . As for womanizing and cheating , the least touched on the would know with time I’m not generous in sharing joysticks.  When it comes to family ….spend good time with them because family is everything in whatever situation….I like them already  😊. I am rooting for you even when every one seems to be against you just know that I’m out here cheering you on ….never  ever give up.  I may loose sometimes but don’t forget to let me try …..don’t always let me win either.

We once dreamed of a prince charming,but nowadays it seems we have to crawl out of that tower and find him ourselves ..if you give up  and stay in that tower you are letting him down and will never get the list he is writing to you. So I’m not giving up  I know I’ll find you someday.

I hope you  know I am trusting God to bring you in His own time. For now know I love you, I think of you and I’m praying for you. That’s all.  😊😊

But I’d love to have a soulmate

And God’ll give him to me someday

And I know it’ll be worth the wait

Cause when the time is right you’ll be here

                 Dear no one ~Tori Kelly.


​Honesty…… in the 21st century honesty is something so hard to come by. People keep covering up what they really feel as they fear being judged or called weaklings. But everyone has an honest moment every once in a while . At times honesty does not need to be said but observed.

 The look of honesty comes in different ways without one intending to show as we have no control over our emotions. When one wakes up and  they have forgotten their surrounding as they struggle figuring out where they are, that look they give is priceless. The look in someone’s eyes when they realize that they are in love ,the look between two people in love as they get lost in each others eyes. That gasp  one takes when their favorite character dies in a movie –when Augustine had to die in faults in our stars – but then you remember its just a movie and hate yourself for it.   😂😂😂😂

when they are drunk and wasted and cant help but be honest. Yes if you want to know how someone feels about something just get them drunk they will totally say it all . That moment when someone is at their breaking point and they cant hold it together anymore , all they can do is breakdown and let it all out…. That is honesty. When someone closes their eyes just to  drift somewhere in the clouds, the look when someone just stops and stares at the rainbow as they absorb its beauty, the look when someone stares at the sky and close their eyes to make a wish when they see a shooting star. The look of honesty you give a friend in an exam room and she gives you the same innocent look then you know you are both doomed …Lol. 

The look of honesty when you are really sorry for something wrong you did that your even more hurt than the one you wronged . That moment when you cant help but laugh out so loudly without caring how awful you sound. That moment when you have taken enough shit from someone so you decide to speak your mind and let every thought about them be heard in the open. Loves , life is a series of natural spontaneous changes . Don’t resist them , let reality be reality let things flow naturally in whatever way thy like thats what makes life beautiful… look around you and appreciate those honest moments. 

Love is honesty 

Honesty is happiness

Happiness is beauty! 😊😊😊😊

Being always first priority.

First priority…I have always had my own version of first priority that some would say is out of this world…bt you can’t blame a girl for dreaming . Being first priority to someone is not a verbal affair BT a matter of action intertwined with emotions, affection and love as a topping .

 Where anytime of the day that someone only thinks of you and no one else. You’re assured all they do, you are their first priority and consider how you would feel about any action they take. You’re sure that you don’t care more than they do, you don’t love more than they do,your emotions are matched its like your hands perfectly fit into each other’s. To have eye contact with someone and with no doubt feel that what you feel is reciprocated its like their eyes are a window to their soul and so are yours. To wait for a text knowing that it’ll come even if it’ll take hours bt it’ll come… I call it another version of faith.  To have faith that someone will always put you first , talk to you anytym they’re free, you are the first person they call on a free day or an event they have to go to, the person that your sure to get a morning text and also the last person to talk to before you sleep. Someone who will text you when he gets time and you’ll reply immediately you get his text because you understand.

Permission to talk to you or call you is non existance because to them its a right.Someone who won’t be settled knowing you’re not okay someone whose tears would be welled up just by seeing yours. For your lips to be spoiled not just once but over and over again for years and decades. To feel the happiness of unbroken promises and accomplished plans. To be introduced as someone special and not just a friend or merely no one. To know you are known possibly even shown off and not kept behind closed doors , sometimes it feels nice to know you’re someone’s trophy

 Knowing someone will listen to your favorite song,watch your favorite movie even five times, read your blogs not because they like it but simply because its yours. To be appreciated always, be told that you always come first.someone who’s there for you in all your meltdowns and is always on your side ,never calls you crazy with all your tantrums. Someone who will never disappear when there’s an argument but instead stay because they actually care about you and the relationship you have. Be the first person to be called when something sad  or exciting happens in his life because he  feels you deserve to know. Some one who has seen the best and the worst of you ,who has seen you when you wake up in the morning with swelled up eyes and messy hair, who has seen the you with all the make up and still thinks your beautiful, he’s not afraid to let down tears in your presence because he knows you understand whether its caused by a me before you movie or when he looses a loved one , he knows you care and only you can help him get through it ….you have a connection. 

Someone who will kiss your scars because to him they are not flaws but cracks to be filled by his love for you his priority is to make you whole. Hell let yoh make mistakes not because he doesnt care but wants you to be independent and when you fall,give up, loose hope he’ll pick you up wipe your tears away and never wish for you to cry. 

Someone who is always concerned about you, someone that makes you feel you are worth getting jealous over,worth fighting for, who will say no to hurting you because he knows its not worth loosing what he has no matter how many times hes told its cliché.  Someone who will make you fall in love with you all over again everyday, who will rather you get comfy in your tees watching Netflix and cuddle just you two make your own musical tune rather than dance to loud music in a crowded place like the rest,get high on love and not alcohol, let you not struggle balancing in stilletoes at 3a.m but prefer getting you off your feet carry you to the stars and get intertwined with your heart and soul, lets you be real , be raw  ,be just you two and what you feel. 

Have Someone who will give you a whole zoo and butterflies wouldn’t just make the cut! 

That’s what first priority feels like loves!

Stop holding on and just be held.

Today casting crowns literally spoke to my heart and soul. Every word they sang in the song just be held is what I am to write so most of the words are theirs not entirely mine.

“Just Be Held”

Hold it all together

Everybody needs you strong

But life hits you out of nowhere

And barely leaves you holding on
 Some of us are the head always looked up to by family, friends, parents …we are expected to have answers for everything. At times we do well at it bt some times life turns on us. You almost give up but when you remember those who look up to you …you struggle holding on but at times we forget holding on does more harm than letting go. The next verse tells us to do just that….let go.

And when you’re tired of fighting

Chained by your control

There’s freedom in surrender

Lay it down and let it go

Fighting is healthy, helpful and necessary but at times we hurt ourselves too much…if God knew you had the fight in you trust me you wouldn’t be struggling this much. Just let go and leave it to him remember where our might ends, that’s where God’s might starts.

The chorus ……mmh it gets me in the nodding and singing along mood as its just what we need in that trying moment.

So when you’re on your knees and answers seem so far away

You’re not alone, stop holding on and just be held

Your world’s not falling apart, it’s falling into place

I’m on the throne, stop holding on and just be held

Just be held, just be held

God has never ,will never leave his throne …He is not like these kings in Nigerian movies that die and their sons take over their thrones noo! God is , was and will be the same . He is the beginning and the end  alpha and omega …there’s no worry of coming to the kings throne to find a new king that you have to start retelling all your troubles. He remembers, is with you all the way and no matter what you go through he’s there,He got you love  😊. Every single prayer you utter doesn’t fall to deaf ears so don’t think he ain’t listening,don’t think your world is falling apart in fact its falling into place, the place it should be.

If your eyes are on the storm

You’ll wonder if I love you still

But if your eyes are on the cross

You’ll know I always have and I always will.

We are humans and our emotions at times are beyond our control . when in anger we say and do things we don’t really mean and regret later on. This is because all we see is the storm were going through, the fire and how much it hurts when it burns….but just remember just because it burns doesn’t mean you’ll die and the storm is just as beautiful as the rainbow. If you have that faith and still remember who is walking with you through the fire and through the storm,you will not doubt his love his unending everlasting love. Don’t focus on the storm but the aftermath.

And not a tear is wasted

In time, you’ll understand

I’m painting beauty with the ashes

Your life is in My hands

 This verse is a total reflection of the clay and the potter story. That moment you feel your crushing and burning , that you feel you just hit a wall and you need a miracle remember that God is molding you to what he wants you to be not who you want to be. That’s why he has to break you down to pieces and start moulding you from scratch. All the tears,the pain ,the hurt , alienation is not  a waste it would soon turn to joy happiness, love and peace within as they say He is painting beauty with the ashes ….let Him.
Lift your hands, lift your eyes

In the storm is where you’ll find Me

And where you are, I’ll hold your heart

I’ll hold your heart

Come to Me, find your rest

In the arms of the God who won’t let go

This last verse is the icing on the cake ..the summary. During these trying times and your prayers seem to be given a wait answer or maybe all you see is a no answer…we resort to doing other things ,look for other solutions to ease our pain ,we look for the easy way out. These solutions are only temporary  permanent solutions would come if only you lift your eyes up to the Lord. Don’t look for short -cut solutions..look for God in the storm He is always there waiting for you to find Him,waiting to show you the way out of the storm, to take you to a resting place in his arms ,somewhere that your assured He will hold you and never let you go.

Just be held loves …just be held!

Love seekers

Love is not everyones cup of tea me being one of them but trust me there will come a time when someone will come into your life , consume you physically ,mentally, emotionally…you will be like a chiwawa and hes your handler everything you do will be to fit in to his box of expectation .your whole worlds revolves around him not in your wildest dream will you think of hurting him, and even if you did unintentionally you won’t stop apologizing for it. 

No one chooses who to love or even when to fall in love…it just happens in the blink of an realise you cant spend a day without thinking about that person, talking to them daily is like a routine …like late night coffees, he’s like a drug that never gets depleted in your system. The best part of love is when its reciprocated a two sided kind we give all we have and the same amount is returned to us ..where you are both in it together you both get consumed and intoxicated by each other ,when that person changed the way your heart beats and you just kept dancing to the new rhythm  hoping the song never ends. Its still feeling the same way without the kisses,dates and holding hands but with the weirdness, flaws ….seeing each other as perfectly imperfect. As they say nothing good is ever perfect. Its finding someone that sees beyond all your flaws to something you never knew existed in you. He sees the best in you , appreciates you always, spends time with you, the kind of person who texts you at 2 p.m because he misses you because your busy and not the kind who texts you at 2a.m because he’s lonely. Someone who knows you better than you know yourself ,when your distressed in anon talking mood he’s there to hold you listen to all your rants and let’s you cry on his shoulders till you fall asleep….not the bootycall type.

 When it comes to love its a bargain, the possibility of hurt is always evident but you’ll never know how beautiful it might turn out so don’t be afraid to be the one to love the most,say I love you first, text first, call first…love first because some of us are hard to love with all the edges and missing parts but once we get to know the drill that you’re real we’ll definitely take the high road together and be ride or dies. Love never fades once its there that’s what I believe ..once you have a connection with someone no matter the duration apart it’ll still be there you go back to being important to each other cause you never stopped. Youll still remember those baby names you chose five years ago and laugh of how old fashioned they are and even start choosing new ones, you’ll still feel the same way you felt five years ago like it as just yesterday.  Love is not easy to but you have to get out there, love, make mistakes, learn from them ,be stronger and start all over again take a chance be a risk taker. 

Allow yourself to be loved let you walls be broken down as he  rebuilts those walls he will even add windows to let sunshine in.  You might not need rescuing BT maybe your night and shining armor needs a bad ass princess to rescue him. As independent as you are not needing a man to make it in this world, a smart woman knows how much fun it is to have a  Leonardo deCarprio to carry you when your tired of kicking ass. I don’t know about fake or true loves existence but I know one thing if its meant for you you won’t have to beg for it, you won’t sacrifice your dignity for your destiny.