Maybe its not just a shoe.

I know we all make those two ,to three maybe five Visits to the bathroom at night especially when you were just in the middle of a heavenly dream but make tables turn when when when your foot decides misbehave and you end up hitting on the door ...mmh ouch! Well my trip from the... Continue Reading →


Finding yourself.

Hey loves, a decade it seems before you guys heard from me right haha! But here I am you will get used to my magically appearing and disappearing acts someday. Sometimes I write because of thoughts from conversations,friends but mostly I  write for me..... and I'm sure there are a lot of me's out there.... Continue Reading →

What you have Vs what you want.

Each of us has desires what we want to have may it  be cars, dream houses, certain jobs, kids, love, shoes  for those not fortunate enough just to have food and somewhere to sleep would light up their faces.  But we focus on wants and forget what we already have what life has given us... Continue Reading →

Put yourself in their shoes.

Each event, happening incident has a learning experience ,you just have to be open minded. I had a colleague yesterday ask me to help him draft a letter asking for advance in payment, after he was done he came showed me what he had done and was on his way taking it for approval. Looking... Continue Reading →

.Time to Kinky Up


Afrokinky? or Fluffykinky??

Kinky styles are one of my favorite hairstyles of all time,they keep popping up everywhere.Kinky styles have no respect of age ,your daughter can rock it as good as her grandmother….???.Be it afrokinky or fluffykinky it serves and saves you money…

Just as women need to understand that ,there will always be a main bitch,side bitch or first bitch,they should understand that kinky styles are here to stay..They were here,are here and will be here in the vision 2030….

It is amazing how kinky styles can be so forgiving……Maroon,blonde,black or your favorite colour they all work perfectly….

Here are fantastic ways to kinky up?

1.Afrokinky Curls….

#blonde no.27

#black and dark brown no.1 and 33

2.Straight afrokinky…

#black no.1

3.Fluffy kinky…



It’s finally time to kinky up because you deserve good hair every f***ing day ladies…



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Dear future best friend.

I know I'm probably too young to think  about a future best friend  (hubby) but I don't want to overburden God with prayers about you at the rush our age 😂😂so I better say my peace now. A glimpse of a life with you is  what I hold on to when I'm lonely or sad... Continue Reading →


​Honesty…... in the 21st century honesty is something so hard to come by. People keep covering up what they really feel as they fear being judged or called weaklings. But everyone has an honest moment every once in a while . At times honesty does not need to be said but observed.  The look of... Continue Reading →

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