Do men truly love once?

They say that men and women act different, love different and have different reactions to how they feel. I believe that a man will only truly love once, after that, he’ll never love like that again and that he’ll always ONLY be in love with just that one….that he will take that love to the grave. Forget women, women love anything, if its not shoes its a dress, or the new lipstick in town πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ in relationships they even don’t know who they love in fact each guy has a certain percentage when the are heart broken they are distraught yes but they will heal and move on but there’s is for another day. Most men don’t admit it some brush it off some don’t believe but some part of it is true. Yes a man can have a lot of women in his life some just messing with ,others because they got a nice ass , or because shes always around you,but there’s that one girl that you can’t get over you can’t stop thinking about, that girl that comes to your mind when you listen to a certain song or watch a certain movie or pass by a certain place,no matter how many times you argue, ignores your calls, gives you nothing but bluebticks in whatsapp and that pisses you off but when your stupid drunk at 3 in the morning its her number that you’ll call, you’ll keep texting her even if she doesn’t reply because she does reply once in a while you keep hoping that this time shell reply. You decide not to talk to her completely but when she calls of course you’ll pick and reply her texts forgetting the many times she did snob you. If she ever asks to get back together you’ll not think twice about it you know why , because you love her,even when you get to a new relationship you’ll always keep comparing the others to her . I know that most will say its not true, and even argue out about the many chicks you can easily have than that that snobs you and you have your pride and ego,but you can have those other chicks you bang,hang out with call yo girl but you still wish it was her. As for you girls remember that guy that keeps stalking ,texting you regardless of how many times you ignore him he still calls you at 3am for no reason……well now you know why. Some people don’t totally believe in love,others call it “euphoric recall” where were stuck up in the past with the memories we once had not wanting to create new ones ,I believe its love and for those who do…. there’s always that one girl in your life if she’s not there yet she’ll come. But remember I said a man and well there may be one man out there that fits my theory.


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