Maybe its not just a shoe.

I know we all make those two ,to three maybe five Visits to the bathroom at night especially when you were just in the middle of a heavenly dream but make tables turn when when when your foot decides misbehave and you end up hitting on the door …mmh ouch! Well my trip from the bathroom this time was different….Ooh well I did hit something which almost made me trip that was no different.. lol!

I hit my shoe , well my nephew has this habit of removing almost all shoes from the shoerack and distributes them around the house like he’s being paid or something. The most annoying part is when you tell him to return them and he stares blankly at you like you’re speaking Greek and later smile like you just complemented him….which is soo cute so you just let him get away with it.

Well anyway after hitting the shoe I decided to take it back to the shoerack but my trip got stuck on the arms of the couch….I just stood there and started examining the shoe and mind you it was in the dark. I remember seeing the shoe at first before even buying it…a black heel with gold details at the front and also at the back…how excited was I you have no idea  !!! It was just some  months before my attachment and all I could imagine was how I was gonna rock those heels πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚. My friends knew that it was impulse buying because first I’m not a heels kind of girl infact I wear sneakers almost all the time and still trip on things that arent even there….also to them the shoes weren’t that pretty. But once this girl here has an eye for something she gets it,so I bought the shoe. We did have good times during our early days (me and my newly found love-shoe- that is) as far as I can remember. So that night I put on the shoe to try it on …little test drive you know… and guess what, it did not fit like it used to, and worse it was a little unstable because I stumbled with just three steps , don’t know know if it was the shoe or me but I think the shoe. Wouldn’t say it was a while because I doubt my feet added so many inches within such a short time .  My friends right now would say I told you so, but thing is I’d still wear the shoe even if I would end up with blisters but of course with sandals in my bag just in case.

Away from the drama I had that night here’s what that shoe taught me. Holding that shoe that night was like holding someone’s heart’s actions or lets say emotions. We all see someone  and there the heart goes jumping with excitement. Your brain which works efficiently at the time say no, your friends who aren’t even part of you think otherwise too but you don’t care YOLO right! So you do what your heart tell you to. For a while you are sure you are in the right path, the memories keep on pilling and ohh you feel like you can fly. Your brain suddenly becomes the hater so do all you’re friends so you swash them away.

As they always say real is as fake as it gets, because suddenly  the shoe don’t fit no more. Your heart that was jumping up and down like a crazy minion is now on time out , the pieces don’t fit it’s like the puzzle was all wrong. What was a castle all stable and coloufull is now on the verge of crumbling because the instability can’t go any further. Now it’s the heart telling you I told you so after all this time…. ikr …  that amount of betrayal is just unbelievable.

 But it’s your heart  love whatever actions it takes you have to wear it carry it wherever you go and deal with all the trouble it brings…just the same way I would still wear my heel but with an extra pair is sandals πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚.
From me to you πŸ’—πŸ’—πŸ’—


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