Finding yourself.

Hey loves, a decade it seems before you guys heard from me right haha! But here I am you will get used to my magically appearing and disappearing acts someday. Sometimes I write because of thoughts from conversations,friends but mostly I  write for me….. and I’m sure there are a lot of me’s out there. I can bet on that.

Well this year I did start with a certain degree of hypness that I kind of knew would lead me to a swamp(negative hypness it must have been). You know the thing is you reach a point in your life when you need some kind of drama not like the one in reality shows but maybe a little of it, you reach a point where the excitement is like an adrenaline giving you a kind of feeling that even surpasses cloud nine. Something out of your comfort zone , away from the eat, sleep ,wake up daily routine .  I got that feeling after new years, and with the YOLO in mind  I did go with the flow. You Only Live Once they say haha. Did make certain decisions that had consequences , and as life is never linient on anyone I had to face them later on. But the thing is I don’t regret any of it…here’s why. I have a belief that whatever action you take there are three reasons behind it:-      1.  Deep down you wanted to do it.              2. You were meant to do it in fact God willed you to it.

So loves regrets only weigh you down just find away to get around it without it consuming you….because that’s exactly what I did. The things I could change I did and I’m still doing the changes ,those that I can’t well only the Guy up there can help me .  sometimes you reach a point where you need to be crashed,to be broken down so as to be rebuild to the specifications God meant for you. You need to hibernate and fix yourself. You can also see the fixable flaw in you, you don’t need no one to tell you that. I’m not saying flaws are bad and there’s a reason why I said “fixable”. Some flaws define you and make you who you are and there’s nothing better to trade for in this world with it. But if your flaw is communication love there are books that help with that, if its not appreciating others start with yourself… Pep talks do work, if you are procrastinating everything get a reminder and work on actions rather than just ideas, call that friend you’re not talking to and start up a conversation the bigger person. Fixing the fixable flaws at some point makes us feel like we belong, or like we are doing something right or we are some how complete….maybe it’s just me bt it’s how I see it .

You don’t need to shut the world out while fixing the fixable flaws …no .  All  you need is to sorround yourself with the best people that would help you through that, people who will understand that you can’t do this and that , respect your reasons and support you 100%. Surround yourself with love, friends, family, happy faces. Get out more ,love more,explore more . You don’t just get there immediately Rome wasn’t build in a day, but at the end be genuinely the happy you. I can’t say I’m in a good place but as they say the journey of 1000 miles begins with a single step.

 Peace of mind is key to happiness of the soul loves.

You can be the sunshine in the room if you want to be.


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