Not trying is the worst mistake. 


I heard a voice in my head say do this the outcome would be just as you want no one would get hurt infact everyone would be happy. … And then I heard another say what if youre wrong , what if it turns out not as you want and everyone blames you for it?   

Each  voice in my head made sense but picking the devil’s voice  and the angel’s voice was the problem because apparently they had the same voice,  tone and even sincerity…. Ever been between a rock and a hard place??  Well I have hundreds of times but at the end I have to make a decision basing on the voices I heard in my head about the issue. Only after making the decision would you know the outcome. And besides that’s the reason why second chances exist. 

 They say decisions make our lives what what they are today,  it determines our fate or better yet our destiny and even that of those around us ,  so do theirs .  No one knows what is right and what is wrong , even I  myself don’t but we have to try there is a reason those voices are heard.  The fate of man is determined by whatever decisions or path he tries to avoid… So whatever voices you hear in your head may it be hissing of the devil or your guardian angel go with your guts and just do it … Trust Your instincts..  the worst mistake you can ever do is not try.  It don’t matter which voice you heard was right at the end! 


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