What you have Vs what you want.

Each of us has desires what we want to have may it  be cars, dream houses, certain jobs, kids, love, shoes  for those not fortunate enough just to have food and somewhere to sleep would light up their faces.  But we focus on wants and forget what we already have what life has given us presently… What we hold in our hands that can easily be snatched or worse fall and be broken …. just then would we start appreciating something what we already lost. 

Contentment doesn’t mean we forget aspiring for more and working hard to achieve your goals noo… It means that one appreciates what they have been given and this brings more blessings and your wants would flow.  Contentment means acceptance it means you no longer lustfully desire what is not yours but you are proud of what you have . Once you reach that point everyone else would see your glow they would even want to be like you , want  what you have even when you think you have nothing. If you’re not appreciating what you have then its obvious when you have what you want you’ll still not appreciate it . You would still not see the goodness in it because you never did from the beginning… Your desires were not truthful

Recognizing what you have enjoying and loving it makes it a part of us and no matter what happens or what else is added we will never loose it..may it be cars whether it was an old junk it sure did give you breakdown memories,  friends would stick as long as you treat them right those who leave don’t carry the memories along with them,  family always have your back in whatever situations and returning the favour brings them closer, work will always pay bills and keep you out of debt just do it passionately you will feel the contentment,  your kids ..  Raise them right and believe in the love you give them they will take care of you when your old and weary. But once we loose touch of all these we will never get to where we desire to be in life…. Each of us has family ,  friends,  a job,  parents or kids somewhere they are what you have and appreciating them will eventually bring what we want whatever it may be. 

At some point we may feel like we have nothing at all but love just close your eyes,  Take a deep breathe and look around you , You have the gift of life that’s a start to getting all you want aslong as you appreciate it.   :):):):)


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