Put yourself in their shoes.

Each event, happening incident has a learning experience ,you just have to be open minded. I had a colleague yesterday ask me to help him draft a letter asking for advance in payment, after he was done he came showed me what he had done and was on his way taking it for approval. Looking at that letter all I could think of was my dad, your parents,our parents…..how many times do we insist that we want this and that from them and even give them a deadline, not caring how they get the resources to do what we ask of them.


I had no idea what that colleague of mine wanted to do with that money but the look on his face, the worry in his eyes made my heart ache from the inside. He made me open my eyes, see how far our parents  are willing to go to make ends meet, how far their trust in God goes is undefined. As that man took his advance payment for approval not knowing if he would be able to pay the debt as per the deadline…. he still takes it, he still believes it would be approved , he would be able to do what he has budgeted and  even pay it when it matures.

It just goes without saying, be understanding , kind and helpful to your guardians whenever we make demands from them be it financial, physical, spiritual and even mental, lets understands that they are humans and  therefore not perfect. Gone are the days when we were little kids and believed that mom and dad had the answers  to everything , there is nothing they did not know. We grew up and realized that life never comes as easy even those born with a silver spoon have their own storms that we know nothing about. Those we love go out of their way to make us comfortable to make us go through life  hustles with a smile, they try their best to make us better people.

Tomorrow  you will be the parent and just as you are treating yours so will your kids treat you. My mom tells me whatever I do to her my kids will do the same and even multiply by 2 I normally  laugh it off but she is right…. choose wisely how you want to be treated. Be wise by being  kind and understanding to those that care about us.

And just remember that in this life, no one wants you to be successful  more than your parents do.

On that note help me wish my amazing Dad a Happy Happy Birthday

I love you Papa.








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