Appreciate each year’s growth!

​Hey loves, I know its been long but here I am once again. The year is almost  ending ….i know …soo fast right were getting old which is soo sad😔 . Well I do not know what each of you has been through this year but either way something happened and will still happen…. a lot can happen in three weeks you know. This year has taught me a lot of things some I cant even remember to account for but I am grateful for all. The most important thing this year taught me is that I need God in my life more than ever. Getting to where we all are is not by our might,right or desire , its by God’s favor and grace upon our lives.

 We have gone through  a lot this year , we have had  good times, bad times, moments we wish to forget and memories we cherish. As this year went by we discovered more about our purpose in this life, I am still understanding mine too, but what I know is that as we live each day, interact with people day by day whether at work ,in school, on the streets , in church ..they one way or another help us get to our purpose in this life. Everyone positioned in your life has a purpose and as they help  you so are you helping them in their life journey , no one is an island. I for one  thank every one that came to my life, those angels sent to help me during trying times you are trully appreciated,those friends and who stayed I pray you do so next year too and the years to come as for those who left I believe it was best.  Every new year comes with growth of some certain degree….embrace it.

This years some of us have gone through storms that made us loose hope ,lost faith, lost loved ones, lost opportunities, and even given up at some point , but God led us through it all He cant give you what you cant handle the storm will pass and God will be there with you through it all… next year would be a better one love. Life can never be easy , someone has to say No to you so you can learn to be independent,you need storms and enemies to succeed and enjoy your Success ,you need to be intimidated to be  courageous, people sometimes need to mock you so you can run to God, people need to disappoint you so that you can trust God alone, you need a cruel landlord so that you can learn not to be comfortable in someone else’s house and even build your own, you need to loose some people in your life to appreciate those you have , you need  to go though rough times to appreciate the good times.

 Most sometimes we are very disappointed we feel very bad and tend to remain in that spot not knowing that the end point of disappointment is the beginning of accomplishment, love , whatever you have gone through this year is just a stepping stone to something greater, make the new year a new beginning , leave the baggage behind do not carry them forward because if they did not help you this year then next year will not be any different. Next year learn to compromise but not be taken for granted,learn to take what is yours and let go what isn’t, learn to wear your accomplishments with pride,learn to trust but not be deceived,know your worth and that of others, learn to love but not be used learn to appreciate the only important curve you have which is your smile, next year love life,give people second chances, be optimistic and wear   that flawsomeness and Godfidence with the pride it deserves.

A collegue once told me , as people will be out there celebrating and counting seconds to the new year… love take a knee thank the Almighty for the blessings and write down what you want,what you need , trust me next year you will do nothing but witness those needs fulfilled… I am so trying that this year I hope you do too. 😊😊

May you have a merry merry Christmas and a blessed new year loves !

From my ♥ to yours☺☺☺


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