​Honesty…… in the 21st century honesty is something so hard to come by. People keep covering up what they really feel as they fear being judged or called weaklings. But everyone has an honest moment every once in a while . At times honesty does not need to be said but observed.

 The look of honesty comes in different ways without one intending to show as we have no control over our emotions. When one wakes up and  they have forgotten their surrounding as they struggle figuring out where they are, that look they give is priceless. The look in someone’s eyes when they realize that they are in love ,the look between two people in love as they get lost in each others eyes. That gasp  one takes when their favorite character dies in a movie –when Augustine had to die in faults in our stars – but then you remember its just a movie and hate yourself for it.   😂😂😂😂

when they are drunk and wasted and cant help but be honest. Yes if you want to know how someone feels about something just get them drunk they will totally say it all . That moment when someone is at their breaking point and they cant hold it together anymore , all they can do is breakdown and let it all out…. That is honesty. When someone closes their eyes just to  drift somewhere in the clouds, the look when someone just stops and stares at the rainbow as they absorb its beauty, the look when someone stares at the sky and close their eyes to make a wish when they see a shooting star. The look of honesty you give a friend in an exam room and she gives you the same innocent look then you know you are both doomed …Lol. 

The look of honesty when you are really sorry for something wrong you did that your even more hurt than the one you wronged . That moment when you cant help but laugh out so loudly without caring how awful you sound. That moment when you have taken enough shit from someone so you decide to speak your mind and let every thought about them be heard in the open. Loves , life is a series of natural spontaneous changes . Don’t resist them , let reality be reality let things flow naturally in whatever way thy like thats what makes life beautiful… look around you and appreciate those honest moments. 

Love is honesty 

Honesty is happiness

Happiness is beauty! 😊😊😊😊


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