Being always first priority.

First priority…I have always had my own version of first priority that some would say is out of this world…bt you can’t blame a girl for dreaming . Being first priority to someone is not a verbal affair BT a matter of action intertwined with emotions, affection and love as a topping .

 Where anytime of the day that someone only thinks of you and no one else. You’re assured all they do, you are their first priority and consider how you would feel about any action they take. You’re sure that you don’t care more than they do, you don’t love more than they do,your emotions are matched its like your hands perfectly fit into each other’s. To have eye contact with someone and with no doubt feel that what you feel is reciprocated its like their eyes are a window to their soul and so are yours. To wait for a text knowing that it’ll come even if it’ll take hours bt it’ll come… I call it another version of faith.  To have faith that someone will always put you first , talk to you anytym they’re free, you are the first person they call on a free day or an event they have to go to, the person that your sure to get a morning text and also the last person to talk to before you sleep. Someone who will text you when he gets time and you’ll reply immediately you get his text because you understand.

Permission to talk to you or call you is non existance because to them its a right.Someone who won’t be settled knowing you’re not okay someone whose tears would be welled up just by seeing yours. For your lips to be spoiled not just once but over and over again for years and decades. To feel the happiness of unbroken promises and accomplished plans. To be introduced as someone special and not just a friend or merely no one. To know you are known possibly even shown off and not kept behind closed doors , sometimes it feels nice to know you’re someone’s trophy

 Knowing someone will listen to your favorite song,watch your favorite movie even five times, read your blogs not because they like it but simply because its yours. To be appreciated always, be told that you always come first.someone who’s there for you in all your meltdowns and is always on your side ,never calls you crazy with all your tantrums. Someone who will never disappear when there’s an argument but instead stay because they actually care about you and the relationship you have. Be the first person to be called when something sad  or exciting happens in his life because he  feels you deserve to know. Some one who has seen the best and the worst of you ,who has seen you when you wake up in the morning with swelled up eyes and messy hair, who has seen the you with all the make up and still thinks your beautiful, he’s not afraid to let down tears in your presence because he knows you understand whether its caused by a me before you movie or when he looses a loved one , he knows you care and only you can help him get through it ….you have a connection. 

Someone who will kiss your scars because to him they are not flaws but cracks to be filled by his love for you his priority is to make you whole. Hell let yoh make mistakes not because he doesnt care but wants you to be independent and when you fall,give up, loose hope he’ll pick you up wipe your tears away and never wish for you to cry. 

Someone who is always concerned about you, someone that makes you feel you are worth getting jealous over,worth fighting for, who will say no to hurting you because he knows its not worth loosing what he has no matter how many times hes told its clichΓ©.  Someone who will make you fall in love with you all over again everyday, who will rather you get comfy in your tees watching Netflix and cuddle just you two make your own musical tune rather than dance to loud music in a crowded place like the rest,get high on love and not alcohol, let you not struggle balancing in stilletoes at 3a.m but prefer getting you off your feet carry you to the stars and get intertwined with your heart and soul, lets you be real , be raw  ,be just you two and what you feel. 

Have Someone who will give you a whole zoo and butterflies wouldn’t just make the cut! 

That’s what first priority feels like loves!


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