Love seekers

Love is not everyones cup of tea me being one of them but trust me there will come a time when someone will come into your life , consume you physically ,mentally, emotionally…you will be like a chiwawa and hes your handler everything you do will be to fit in to his box of expectation .your whole worlds revolves around him not in your wildest dream will you think of hurting him, and even if you did unintentionally you won’t stop apologizing for it. 

No one chooses who to love or even when to fall in love…it just happens in the blink of an realise you cant spend a day without thinking about that person, talking to them daily is like a routine …like late night coffees, he’s like a drug that never gets depleted in your system. The best part of love is when its reciprocated a two sided kind we give all we have and the same amount is returned to us ..where you are both in it together you both get consumed and intoxicated by each other ,when that person changed the way your heart beats and you just kept dancing to the new rhythm  hoping the song never ends. Its still feeling the same way without the kisses,dates and holding hands but with the weirdness, flaws ….seeing each other as perfectly imperfect. As they say nothing good is ever perfect. Its finding someone that sees beyond all your flaws to something you never knew existed in you. He sees the best in you , appreciates you always, spends time with you, the kind of person who texts you at 2 p.m because he misses you because your busy and not the kind who texts you at 2a.m because he’s lonely. Someone who knows you better than you know yourself ,when your distressed in anon talking mood he’s there to hold you listen to all your rants and let’s you cry on his shoulders till you fall asleep….not the bootycall type.

 When it comes to love its a bargain, the possibility of hurt is always evident but you’ll never know how beautiful it might turn out so don’t be afraid to be the one to love the most,say I love you first, text first, call first…love first because some of us are hard to love with all the edges and missing parts but once we get to know the drill that you’re real we’ll definitely take the high road together and be ride or dies. Love never fades once its there that’s what I believe ..once you have a connection with someone no matter the duration apart it’ll still be there you go back to being important to each other cause you never stopped. Youll still remember those baby names you chose five years ago and laugh of how old fashioned they are and even start choosing new ones, you’ll still feel the same way you felt five years ago like it as just yesterday.  Love is not easy to but you have to get out there, love, make mistakes, learn from them ,be stronger and start all over again take a chance be a risk taker. 

Allow yourself to be loved let you walls be broken down as he  rebuilts those walls he will even add windows to let sunshine in.  You might not need rescuing BT maybe your night and shining armor needs a bad ass princess to rescue him. As independent as you are not needing a man to make it in this world, a smart woman knows how much fun it is to have a  Leonardo deCarprio to carry you when your tired of kicking ass. I don’t know about fake or true loves existence but I know one thing if its meant for you you won’t have to beg for it, you won’t sacrifice your dignity for your destiny.


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