What we always wish for is to wake up next to that person you give your life to, to wake up with breakfast in bed. A second cup of coffee from her favorite cup. A bouquet of flowers just to wish you a nice day at work. A facebook relationship that has everyone commenting relationshipgoals. Someone to give us Monday morning texts , terrific Tuesday partner, karaoke Wednesdays bff,Sundays church date , that plus one for those weddings you get invited to on saturdays as you plan on your own and hurdle up ideas. we want those relationships we see in soaps that happen magically that end up with happily ever after but in reality its never that simple 

All we do friend zone,Shakespeare zone  those we fear are getting too close. Have bffs and even make pacts of how you’ll marry each other in case you never get your soulmates …lol been there done that. we look for those soulmates like how we look for apps in play store, those apps that fit what you want if they don’t you uninstall them immediately. We Google how to make him like you, 10 ways to know your crush is also into you, 5 ways to make her love you but forget to put those into action forgetting they are just theoratical. We focus on pimping our Instagram an Facebook profiles forgetting your character is at it’s lowest 

We talk forgetting talk is cheap, Snapchat forgetting after 24 hrs your story is history, face time, meet to small talk for an hour only to get home to start endless chats , sext, hangout, have pizza and Beer just to avoid having a real date. We are all players in a way or another with no winner. Forgetting that were loosing ourselves in the process, we want to be hand held without eye contact, to have a happily ever after without working for it, to be swept off our feet and still remaining in your comfort zone safe as always. To be loved and not compromise, to be pampered but still remain independent,we want to be loved without accepting the possibility of being hurt, we want to be in relationships but not committed to it because you don’t want to miss the constant serenades and attention from the suitors you have but still can’t pick one. We want to be in the field playing but at the same time be on the bench,we want to be in the race car but not be the driver.
When things get too real we shut people out, we tend to act like were not up for it ,we run ,we hide and that’s how people loose a real relationship convincing ourselves that someone else will come along. Someone better than the last bt your growing old and those looks will not be there for much longer. We want to keep things shallow and expect them to turn out deep, to be in something close to a relationship and not even reflects what a relationship entails. We don’t want relationships but we want Netflix and chill, friends with benefits, no strings attached kind of relationship, we prefer the Instagram filters to show how perfect we are but keep the imperfections  hidden in our closet yet we want to be loved despite our flaws. We prefer to watch another episode on Netflix than have a one on one conversation. We’re that generation that fights over who texted first and not who will switch off the lights when going to bed. Spend all day thinking about each other but not bother calling, texting or visiting that person as you don’t want to be seen as desperate. Your ego is at kanye level bt your drake feelings consume and kill you slowly. Until when we’ll decide to pay attention to our environment, put down your phone better still switch it off go for a date, or even just look around you and see where you went wrong, you might even realize you don’t like how the guy your dating laughs but you never noticed since you’re always snapchating,on Instagram, whatsapping and facebooking ….until then relationship is not your thing at the moment love  ðŸ˜Š


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