Relax! Its just half your life.

Everyone has their timeline when things happen for them. Some of your friends now are happily married,others still getting high on drugs and girls,your ex maybe happy with the new girlfriend,your classmate is wallowing in success …but you …your just there existing with constant expenses, issues on issues you feel left out and just wish to sleep in all day. Stay in on Friday nights cause you’re too responsible to drink ,or just the fear that the way things are going you better sleep in other than add up on your bundle of hardships considering what possibilities could occur on a typical night out. You even get too comfortable by yourself wrap yourself around your loneliness and even fear to loose yourself to someone else’s rhythm. Loneliness takes us to dark places and we even start cursing at ourselves and thinking of the different what ifs, we start torturing ourselves with questions we can’t even answer. Like where did I go wrong? What if this is how the rest of my life turns out to be? What did the others do that I didn’t do? Loneliness makes us do what we swore not to do, it makes us go back to the ones who hurt us just to feel loved once again, makes us text those we swore not to or even call them….it makes us forget our worth,forgetting that even at our best we still won’t be right to the wrong person so what about at your worst? But take it slow, its never that bad and its never that serious, you’re not there alone everyone has been there at some point in life ,its just a phase and it’ll Pass all you have to do is go through it, you have the whole world ahead of you, dozen of things to do ,people to meet, places to visit and things to experience.Years to come you’ll look back and wish to be back here again so don’t waste it wallowing in your sadness,self pity,do what you can visit a friend, go to the gym, watch your favorite movie even ten times, even discover your hobby and develop it you might discover talents you have that you have never known, its a time to discover yourself know your worth and love yourself. Do what you can today because they’ll never be another today again, its okay to be lonely , sad , we are humans after all but if your world is to revolve around someone let that someone be yourself. Yes we all want to b loved but ther only guarantee is loving yourself. You have only lived half of your life and you have the other half to live . Go through this phase you’ll have something to tell your grandies about when it comes to being in your twenties. Let those who are successful be successful, those having kids have them, those getting married let them, go eat their cake they’ll come eat yours someday, let those still getting high and clubbing have their time they’ll grow up as for you go through your phase you’ll also out grow the phase when the time comes.


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