Internalize before you judge.

Theres this song by sautisoul ‘kuliko Jana’ which was initially sangby bien Aim. Thers this line where they say ‘bwana nipende Leo kuliko jana’. I read somewhere in social media someon saying that, that was wrong because God loves us all the same BT since sautisoul are famous anything they sing goes and becomes a hit without looking at the content… To me that person is petty and some how not thinking straight. First before anyone thinks about singing anything that concerns God, God Himself has to intervene it doesn’t just come from nowhere he has to be guided by God himself. Secondly we are not sure if God loves us all the same, I believe He does because the bible tells us so ….BT again someone once told me the bible itself is open for interpretation so but all depends on how you see it and what you believe….. I believe He loves us all the same,but the one who sang this song wasn’t looking at the Gods perspective on his love for us but our own perspective on Gods love for us as humans. Don’t we sometimes feel that God loves us less at times ? Or sometimes He loves us more? Especially after you have done something wrong or gone against His words dont we feel sort of loved less ? When you have done right by Him ,gone to church , read the bible and you feel blessed all over don’t you feel that God loves you more? As humans don’t we always wish God’s love upon us to increase daily ,because most of us relate blessings with God’s love? When we see someone next to us receiving blessings upon blessings don’t we say God loves them? In my own understanding that’s what I got from that line of the song…. but I believe there are other interpretations maybe even better than mine . All in all Its not wise to judge anyone or anything without getting a better understanding of what they are talking about .


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